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How To Become An Advisor In Canada

For so many of us, managing our finances is a mystery. We know we need to save for a rainy day and for retirement. We know managing debt is important, and that a credit rating can make or break whether we get a loan. For most people, financial knowledge ends there. That’s why we turn to financial advisors. But for some of us, becoming an advisor and helping other Canadians meet their retirement goals is of high interest (no pun intended). Talking to a financial advisor can help us understand our options, and what is and is not important. In addition, advisors can explain how to maximize our income and savings. They can also help us prepare for potentials risks or financial blows. To become an advisor in Canada, you don’t need a Master in Finance. However, you do need a broad base of understanding and knowledge of investments, insurance and financial management. So, how do you go about obtaining

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