The Best Finance Industry Events And Conferences In Canada

If you work in finance or have an interest in this industry, finance events and conferences are a great opportunity to learn from the best. Thankfully, in Canada, the network of finance professionals is active and strong. There are all types of networking and professional development events hosted coast to coast — and they happen throughout the year. But the key is to know when and where you can go to hear from the best thought leaders and influencers in the financial services industry. So, to find out about the best finance industry events in Canada, keep reading!

What Does FEI Canada Stand For?

The Finance Executives International (FEI) Canada is well known in the Canadian finance industry. It is made up of senior financial executives. It has 12 chapters across Canada, representing over 1,200 members. And it was created to speak directly to people like you. In other words, it was created for those who want to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the world of finance. Therefore, the main purpose of the organization is to provide networking and professional development opportunities. In addition, it provides thought leadership and advocacy in the financial services industry. 

It hosts a number of finance events and conferences throughout Canada. So, to find out which upcoming events are available in your area, check out the organization’s calendar of events

Finance Event: Canada FinTech Forum 2022

The Canada FinTech Forum is among the largest finance conferences in Canada. Now in its ninth year, this premier finance networking event brings together tons of industry professionals from across the country. By attending this top financial conference, you can expect to learn about global trends affecting the FinTech industry. Furthermore, it is among the best finance industry event in Canada.

The date and location for the 2022 FinTech Forum is November 7 to 9 and will take place at the Fairmont in Montreal. Can’t make it this year? Make a point of attending next year!

The Best Finance Industry Events and Conference in Canada (2023)

There are hundreds of top Canadian finance events held every year. But you may be wondering which ones are right for you. To help you decide, we have put together a list of the best finance industry events and conferences in Canada coming up in 2022 and 2023. So, make sure to check out this list of the premiere upcoming finance events.

RIA Conference

June 2023, Toronto, ON

When it comes top finance industry events, the Responsible Investment Association (RIA) conference provides the opportunity to network with leaders in responsible investing. In addition, this top-rate Canadian finance event features specialists and thought leaders from ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Furthermore, you will learn about the latest issues, trends and developments in this field.

22nd Annual Canadian Forum on Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime

May 8-9, 2023, Toronto, ON

Want to learn about updates to the regulatory framework in Canada? Well, this finance conference may be for you. In other words, expect to learn about financial crime. In addition, find out tips and tricks to prevent, detect, manage and respond to breaches. 

International Conference on Economics, Finance and Accounting

November 29-30, 2022, Montreal

This event is a common forum for academics and industry professionals to discuss all things related to economics, finance and accounting. This event is particularly popular for accountants and students entering the field.

Canadian Alternative Investment Forum

April 2023, Toronto, ON

At this important Canadian finance industry event, expect panel discussions, presentations and insights from top speakers. Furthermore, there are networking opportunities at the CAIF. It is considered the best alternative finance investment conference in Canada.

Finance Events: FEI Canada

FEI hosts a significant number of finance industry events throughout the year. And the goal of these events is to help empower financial professionals. In addition, those working in finance get the opportunity to network and gain valuable professional development. So, to find out which events are available in your area for the upcoming month, check out the FEI’s calendar of events

The Best Investment Conferences in Canada in 2023

Looking for something local? Check out some more events by province below.

Finance Events in Ontario

Annual Canada East Institutional Forum

April 2023, Toronto

This top finance industry forum offers peer-to-peer learning opportunities. And it focuses on the institutional investment community in Canada. So, consider attending this top Canadian finance event if you want to learn from your peers in finance.

Fixed Income Investments in Pensions Forum

June 2023, Toronto

As the name suggests, this top Canadian finance event focuses on how to invest within the parameters and limitations of a fixed income. For example, you will learn how pension funds generate leads. Furthermore, you will learn how to manage risk and how economic factors around the world impact fixed income portfolios. In addition, attendees of this finance forum will hear about the challenges these portfolios expect to face. Moreover, you will learn which asset classes are more likely to excel, and the best opportunities in fixed-income investments.

Mastering Money Conference

November 24-25, 2022, Toronto

Interested in upskilling your financial literacy? Then this is the conference for you! It focuses on discussions, presentations, and advice to improve your knowledge about money and managing it.

Finance Events in BC

Global Investment Conference

April 2023, Whistler

The Global Investment Conference is one of the best finance industry events in Canada. It brings together senior representatives of pension plan sponsors, academic, custodial and money management communities. Therefore, make sure to attend this premier finance event to share and learn from their insights. 

Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

January 29-30 2023, Vancouver

This conference takes a unique approach on resource management, focusing on the actively changing economic landscape and how the changes impact resource deployment. If you’re interested in learning about opportunities to optimize the current economic events, this might be a great conference for you.

The Best Finance Industry Events in Canada

These are some of the best finance industry events and conferences in Canada. In other words, they offer the opportunity to learn from the industry’s best and brightest. In addition, the networking and professional development opportunities may prove to be priceless. So if you’re interested in finance, it is well worth considering any of these premiere Canadian finance events in 2023.

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