Is Cash App Available in Canada?

Technology has allowed money to move faster than ever before. Banks and retailers have been quick to adopt electronic payment methods. Canadians have been fortunate to have the Interac e-transfer infrastructure since 2003. It has facilitated domestic peer-to-peer money transfers with wide adoption and success. The United States has seen many money-transferring services, as they don’t have an Interac e-transfer system of their own. From the classic PayPal to the more recent Venmo and Cash App. Although, many people wonder if Cash App is in Canada so they can send money to and from the United States with ease. Unfortunately, it is not, so what are the alternatives other than Interac e-Transfer? Canada has many mobile payment services available to help facilitate payments locally, to the United States and beyond. Keep reading to learn more!

cash app in canada

What is Cash App? 

Cash App is a mobile payment service widely used in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The service allows users to send and receive money electronically, through a few simple clicks. Cash App has integrated banking services through partnership banks. Bank accounts and debit cards can be linked to the service. This allows for money transfers to friends, family, and businesses. Additionally, Cash App has Bitcoin services provided by its parent company, Block Inc. This company was formerly known as Square Inc. until being renamed in December 2021.

Furthermore, Cash App is known for its user-friendly interface and convenience. Becoming popular among people looking for a straightforward way to handle digital transactions. In other words, Cash App simplifies peer-to-peer money transfers. It enables direct deposit, investing in stocks or Bitcoin, and purchasing and selling Bitcoin. Another attractive feature of Cash App is its Cash Card. This is a Visa debit card connected to your Cash App balance. With these cards, users can use the card anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Does Cash App work in Canada?

Cash App is available and operational in the United States and the United Kingdom. It facilitates peer-to-peer money transfers domestically for each of these countries. It also allows users to send money internationally between the USA and UK.

Unfortunately, the app and service are not operational in Canada at the time of writing. Canada’s primary money transferring service provider has been Interac e-Transfer. This service has dominated the domestic money transfer market in Canada. This may deter new services and companies from entering the market. However, there are some great alternatives to Cash App and Interac e-Transfer, which we’ll explore below.

Why is cash app not in Canada?

Interac e-transfer is Canada’s inter-banking payment network. As a Canadian, you probably send and receive e-transfers all the time! For this reason, Cash App has not penetrated the Canadian market, likely due to competition with Interac and a lack of need by local consumers. However, Cash App not being available in Canada can make sending money to and from the US more challenging and costly.

The company primarily provides the infrastructure for debit systems. In 2003, they released Interac e-transfers to the public. With this service, Canadians gained early adoption of peer-to-peer money transfers. With backing from all major banks in Canada, Interac e-transfers grew in popularity. It now remains the dominant peer-to-peer money transfer service. In fact, most banks provide the service for free now. Normally, it costs $1.50 CAD (or just $1 for some banks) to send an e-transfer.

As Canada has a suitable and widely accepted peer-to-peer money transfer service, new services enter with caution. There are fewer gaps to fill and less money to be gained. Companies like Cash App may not have as much to gain by expanding into the Canadian market. However, Interac e-transfer is widely used as a domestic money transfer service. For this reason, some notable competitors and alternatives exist. Cash App has not yet determined that the Canadian market is for them and their business.

Can I send money online from Canada?

There are a few ways to send money online in Canada, both for personal and business purposes. Domestic money transfers are largely done through Interac e-transfer. This has been around since 2003, is supported by all big banks, and is used by over 250 other financial institutions. Let’s take a look at this option and others below.

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Interac e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer is the dominant peer-to-peer money transfer in Canada. Here are some details about it:

  • It is widely used by all big banks in Canada and their respective mobile applications.
  • Many other financial institutions, like credit unions, use this service.
  • It is often free to use, however, each financial institution sets its own charge.
  • Normally an instant transfer, however, there could be a 30-minute to 2-hour delay.
  • Mainly used for domestic money transfers within Canada.
  • International money transfers are possible, but not streamlined, and simple:


Wise may be one of the easiest money transfer services to get money around the globe. It is an American-based company but services are available in Canada. Here are some details about it:

  • It is available in many countries. With service in 160 countries and 40 currencies.
  • They charge fees based on the amount being sent, the currency being sent, and the payment method.
  • All charges are detailed before transfer. Only the sender is charged.
  • They use mid-market rates for currency conversation in transfers. Keeping conversation fees low.
  • The service is fast to use. International transfers take more time.
  • Wise is very transparent with fees, and delivery times.

Wealthsimple Cash Account

Wealthsimple offers a Cash Account which functions similarly to a bank checking account. With it, you can send and receive money transfers domestically. It uses the Interac e-Transfer infrastructure to do this on the back end. Here are the other characteristics of the Wealthsimple Cash Account:

  • No account fees or transaction fees for sending money.
  • Acts as a checking account but offers the high interest rates of savings accounts. Rate of 4% to 5%.
  • They offer a 1% back in stock, cryptocurrency, or cash on any money spent from the account.
  • Like Cash App, you can invest in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you can invest in stocks and ETFs.
  • Wealthsimple is not a bank, but money is protected through banking partnerships.
  • This is a domestic money transfer alternative.

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KOHO is another banking alternative. Like Wealthsimple they offer higher than average interest rates and offer cashback. They had originally begun operations as a method to build your credit history. Here are some more details:

  • KOHO is not a bank, it’s a financial services company, but is protected through banking partnerships.
  • They offer a range of plans with different benefits. Best of all, they have a free option.
  • High interest rates, starting at 3%, for any balance held with KOHO.
  • Cashback on groceries and transportation, starting at 1%.
  • Ability to send money to other KOHO users. They can use the Interac e-Transfer system as well.
  • Only allows for domestic money transfers.


PayPal began operations in 2002, and they are one of the oldest online money transfer companies. They offer domestic and international money transfer services. Here are some details about it:

  • There are no fees for money transfers in Canada.
  • Ability to send money from the mobile app quickly, to a mobile phone number or email.
  • Shop online and receive discounts at participating retailers.
  • Ability to shop in person using your phone.
  • Send money around the globe to 130 countries.
  • There are fees associated with international money transfers.

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How can someone in Canada send me money?

Since Cash App is not available in Canada, how can a Canadian send money to someone in the United States? Canadians can send money internationally through new and more classic means. Below are options to send money to the United States and elsewhere.

Western Union

Western Union has been a staple method of transferring money globally. In recent years, they have modernized their approach. However, they remain a classic money transfer method. With cash pick-up locations in several countries, this is how they handle many transfers at once. Fortunately, you can use Western Union to deliver money directly to bank accounts. All you need are the appropriate bank account details.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers allow for international wire transfers. Transferring money from a Canadian bank account to a US bank account can be smooth and simple. Although, this method usually incurs fees. Currency conversion additionally costs money. 

Online Money Transfer Services

Wise and PayPal allow Canadians to send money internationally, including to the USA. These services often offer competitive exchange rates and lower fees compared to traditional banks. Wise may be one of the best international money transfer services available. However, PayPal remains a strong competitor, but the cost to use their services is higher.

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Which online payment app is best in Canada?

The online payment app that will work best for you in Canada depends on your needs. For day-to-day, local money transfers, the Interac e-Transfer system meets the needs of most Canadians. This is not to say other alternatives should not be explored, especially if you’re trying to send money across borders.

Wise and PayPal offer amazing flexibility in terms of global scope for money transfers. Wise may offer the best international rates, but reoccurring fees can add up. PayPal functions as a payment method for use in stores and online. It also offers free domestic money transfers. Further, PayPal is widely used in the United States as it is a legacy online money transfer service.

Wealthsimple Cash Account and KOHO largely piggyback off the Interac e-Transfer infrastructure. However, in terms of larger financial solutions, they offer amazing services and rates. If you are seeking more of a domestic banking-style solution, one of these options may be best for you.

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Using Digital Payment Methods in Canada

Using digital payment methods in Canada can be convenient and efficient. With a range of options available, from widely used platforms like Interac e-Transfer and PayPal, to newer services like Wise and Wealthsimple, there are many options. Cash App is not available in Canada currently but there is no gap in service. Canadians have various choices for managing their finances digitally through online money transfers.

It’s essential to consider factors such as security, fees, transfer limits, and international functionality in relation to your specific needs. Use the digital payment method that works best for you. Exploring different options can help Canadians find the most suitable digital payment solution. Always prioritize security measures and choose reputable services. This ensures the safety of your transactions and personal information.

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