Good advice starts with a good advisor

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In the early days of reality TV, there was a show called ‘Blind Date’ that would send a couple on a series of 3 increasingly outrageous date activities. Imagine starting with mini-golf, followed by some casual body painting and topped off with a little scuba diving. Nuts. Blind Date went out of their way to top themselves each week, with both mismatched couples and bizarre activities – I always wondered how they managed to find a new couple each week, genuinely ready to find love. But they did.

It might not sound like it, but there are a lot of similarities between dating (blind or otherwise) and finding a financial advisor. Just Google ‘good date’, then ‘good financial advisor’. 

Here are a few actual headlines from these searches. Guess which is which.

  1. 7 … That Forever Changed My Life
  2. 50 …. Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of
  3. Ten traits of successful ….
  4. 10 Science-Backed …. Tips
  5. Ten traits of successful ….
  6. 108 Unique Date Night Ideas – Creative Date Ideas for Any Budget

Can you tell which article is about dating and which is about financial advisors? Seems like before you start thinking that you could use 108 unique date night ideas, you might want to start with figuring out your budget first.

The one very, very clear theme that these articles have is that getting to know your partner or advisor, increases your chance of… success.

Knowing what to look for in an advisor is tough. It takes work, research and due diligence. One report states that over 56% of Canadians (including me) find their advisor through a referral, you might be missing a beautiful relationship right around the corner.

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For those keeping scores, here are links to the articles mentioned above.

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